Taber Irrigation District

TID News: Update April 17, 2018: TID Response to MD State of Local Emergency: TID has obtained a temporary blanket Approval from Alberta Environment and Parks to manage consents from landowners currently on the assessement roll of our district to pump water from ponded land into our open canals, reservoirs and drains. Here is the PROCESS. You MUST complete a consent form and submit it to the TID office. Here is the CONSENT FORM. You must then also only pump when you receive written authorization from District Superintendent Barry Jensen.  Fully authorized consent forms must be with the person pumping. Unauthorized drainage activities:

AEP Complaints/Emergencies: 1-800-222-6514.

Water Builds Community - Gouw Quality Onions and OWC

Annual General Meeting March 21, 2018; 1:30 PM at Heritage Inn

2017 TID Annual Report

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2016 TID Annual Report

Alberta Agriculture Drainage Water Quality Fact Sheet

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TID Vision Statement

Our vision is a progressive and cohesive team, supporting the diverse needs of our water users through a heritage of efficient operations, a drive for continuous improvment, and a spirit of collaboration toward responsible water management in Specialty Crop Country

TID Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide sufficient, quality water to our rate payers through collaborative planning, regular upgrading, proactive maintenance and cost-effective operation, enabled by an informed board and dedicated staff using sustainable management practices


"We value the contributions of the irrigation pioneers from whose legacy we operate, and the sound decisions of previous boards and staff that have built a strong foundation."

An excellent history of irrigation in the Oldman Basin can be gained from reading "Quenching the Prairie Thirst - A History of the Magrath Irrigation District, Raymond Irrigation District, Taber Irrigation District, St. Mary River Irrigation District", by John F. Gilpin. We have copies available at our office, but here are the chapters relating to the Taber Irrigation District*:

  • Chapter 9: From the Bountiful Canal Company to the Taber Irrigation District 1908-1917
  • Chapter 10: Drought and Expansion through the Creation of Irrigation Districts 1918-1926
  • Chapter 11: The Taber Irrigation District 1919-1946

*Posted with Permission of the St. Mary River Irrigation District, Copyright 2000 SMRID.