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The Administration department provides direct services to water users and others through reception, land services (including water use agreements), crossing agreements, bill and invoice processing, and coordination of services. Indirect services are behind-the-scenes activities that keep the district running such as human resources, health & safety, accounting, planning, website maintenance, collaboration with neighbour agencies, and preparation for and participation in TID board, Irrican board and Main Canal Advisory Committee and other meetings and conferences.

Our Quality Product

We value delivering a reliable supply of clean water in a timely manner.

Our Efficient Operation

We value fiscal responsibility, sustainability and maximizing efficiency and productivity in our operations with a hands-on, straightforward, no-nonsense management approach.

Our Distribution System

TID District Map.pdf


TID maintains a list of parcels of land to which we deliver water, tracks the water license the diversion falls under and the type of water use. TID also maintains an accounting of the land classification that specifies how much of the land is irrigated in determining the acreage that a parcel may have under irrigation, as prescribed by the Irrigation Districts Act. TID Land Services prepares water agreements and accommodates the puchase and sale of water right acres. Currently TID has water right acres for sale at a rate of $1000/ac for assessed lands meeting irrigability and other related requirements and already within, or eligible to be petitioned into, the Taber Irrigation District.

Activities permitted on TID easements MAY include:

Daily non-invasive surface enjoyment

Turf, soil, gravel, mulch or other similar surface landscaping

Temporary/portable structures that may have shallow, non-permanent anchors
(eg. garden furniture, accessories, trampolines, wading pools)

Activities NOT permitted on TID easements include:

Excavating, drilling, mining, boring or elevation landscaping/contouring

Installing/erecting permanent structures or improvements (eg. foundations, sheds, fences, patios, garden landscaping, hot tubs, pools)

Planting of woody deep-rooted vegetation (eg. trees or large shrubs)

Easement Written Concent

To avoid having to remove an unauthorized structure, please obtain prior written consent from TID for any activity that may potentially interfere with TID rights of access. Before purchasing or making modifications to a property, ensure you obtain a copy of the easement agreement and understand these limitations.

Here is a fact sheet summarizing this topic:
14 11 18 CG Fact Sheet on TID Easments.pptx.pdf

Sales & Transfers of Land within the TID

If land you are buying, selling or otherwise transferring is designated as being within the Taber Irrigation District, there are several considerations you, your real estate agent and you lawyer should be aware of.

Here is a checklist summarizing what you will need to determine:
14 11 20 CG Checklist for Sales & Transfers of Land.pdf

Paying Your TID Bill

Payment for the current year's water use is due by December 31st.

A discount is applied when payment is made by November 15th.

To serve you better, TID has the following options to pay your bill:

In Person - just stop in during business hours and

  • bring in a cheque
  • use your bank card

On-line banking through the following institutions*:


 *If you use one of the following institutions, tell them they charge too much for on-line banking:

  • TD Canada Trust
  • Royal Bank
  • CIBC

If yours is not listed, give us a call and we'll see about adding them!