Drainage (Permanent Works)

TID will accept water from your land under certain conditions. ‚ÄčThe process that we have developed in collaboration with the MD of Taber, Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP), and the St. Mary River Irrigation District (SMRID) is that the landowner is required to obtain an Approval under the Water Act and consent from the receiving agency conveying the water. If it runs into an MD road borrow ditch and then into a TID canal, consent from both the MD and TID will be required. There is no grandfathering of projects, so if you currently direct water leaving your land, you will need to obtain a Water Act Approval for this activity. These will become more and more common and may affect the value of your land. Consent may be straightforward with standard conditions such as installing a control valve to regulate or shut off flow, and requiring consent from our District Superintendent before discharging. For larger projects and those with more significant impacts, a Water Conveyance Agreement may be required, with detailed conditions and a detailed water management plan. Contact TID to review you drainage plan and we will work with you toward obtaining the required consent or Water Conveyance Agreement.

Click here for Alberta Environmental Approvals System information and applications .
The following is information supplied by AESRD for reference:


Water Act Application.pdf

Hand Drawn Plan Examples.pdf

ESRD External Website Drainage Plan Example.pdf

Permits from the MD of Taber can be obtained by contacting the Administration Office at 403-223-3541

The SMRID office can be reached at 403-328-4401

The following is a presentation made by TID at the MD of Taber drainage workshop held March 20, 2015:

15 03 20 CG TID Consent for Drainage Works.pdf