TID Fall Flush

During the St. Mary Project water meeting held at the SMRID office on September 30, 2014 TID learned that AESRD/SMRID have an excess of clean water that is being spilled out of the Sauder spillway to bring reservoirs down to winter levels. In alignment with Objective 1.2 of our Strategic Plan, TID has requested taking the opportunity to use this clean water to complete a fall flushing of our systems to improve water quality in the district. Neither SMRID nor AESRD staff had any objection – they actually liked the idea. In consultation with operations, this can be done without adverse risk. Therefore as of October 1, 2014 TID increased water orders from SMRID and increased spill for the purpose of improving the quality of water in our reservoirs. As this is a proportional increase in both inflow and outflow and we were already approaching winter reservoir levels, it did not affect our October 10th shutoff date. Water quality monitoring being completed by AARD as part of the Land Use Study (funded in part by TID), included samples taken at reservoir inlets and outlets both before and after flushing. The results will help in assessing the value of this initiative in the future where the opportunity is available.