TID is part of larger communities and agencies that have an interest in irrigation.

St. Mary River Irrigation District: TID receives all of our water from the SMRID Main Canal. In addition to an annual conveyance charge, TID contributes 15% toward maintenance from the SMRID headworks south of Raymond through to the check structure at Horsefly Reservoir. SMRID is also a partner with TID and RID in Irrican Power.

Irrican Power: TID has a 15% stake in three hydropower generation facilities on the SMRID main canal. The Irrigation Canal Power Cooperative Ltd. (Irrican Power) is owned by the St. Mary, Taber and Raymond Irrigation Districts.

Alberta Irrigation Projects Association: TID contributes $0.30 per acre to AIPA to help promote irrigation in southern Alberta.

Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development: TID benefits from a strong collaborative relationship with AARD. Irrigation Council administers approximately $1.1M annually toward rehabilitation of TID works. The water quality branch is working with TID on the Land Use Study to better understand the relationship between land use and irrigation district water quality. AARD is also engaged in the effort to keep Aquatic Invasive Species, including Zebra and Quagga Mussels, out of our system. AARD supports our water users directly through the Growing Forward 2 Program, IMCIN and other initiatives.

Municipal District of Taber: TID delivers water to many individuals and several communities within the MD and also receives storm water runoff from lands throughout the MD. TID is currently working with the MD of Taber on the Southern Regional Drainage Committee to address storm water management in the region. TID conveys storm water from the land to the river due to the nature of our works. TID will be an integral part of the solution in the area. TID and the MD of Taber endeavour to work together on many common interests and value our relationship.

Town of Taber: TID delivers water to the Town of Taber and receives water from their storm water system. TID is working with the Town to coordinate development in the vicinity of our works.

Potato Growers of Alberta: Several TID water users grow potatoes for value-added processing. TID works with PGA on topics of mutual interest such as water security and water quality. 

TID has more valued partners that will be added as our website grows...

Our Partnership

We value our partnership with the SMRID main canal and Irrican, our role in regional economic development and drainage, our role in protecting and enhancing Alberta's water supply, and our relationships and shared goals with government.

TID plans to "collaborate with the MD and Town of Taber, provincial government, grower associations, individual farmers and processors to promote the region for increasing value-added specialty crop development". (Objective 10.7)