Our maintenance program includes the activities that keep the district infrastructure operating efficiently during the irrigation season, as well as work done to repair or replace worn or damaged components of our works during the off-season.

Our construction superintendent, equipment operator and seasonal work crews are overseen by the district superintendent.

The Magnacide H (acrolein inhibited) program for treatment of aquatic weeds and algae is coordinated and run by our construction superintendent.

Canal bank maintenance including mowing, terrestrial weed management (spraying, weed whipping) and gravelling/harrowing is completed by our seasonal work crews.

TID takes on several construction projects during the off-season with on-site direction and coordination by our construction superintendent, with guidance and support from our district superintendent. Learn more about TID Projects.

Ditchriders are involved in replacing valves, servicing equipment, or working in our concrete or welding fabrication facilities during the off-season.

Mitigating Risk

We are committed to advancing our maintenance program to mitigate risk to our water users, our staff and the public.

Reporting Maintenance Issues 

 If you become aware of TID infrastructure that is in disrepair, please talk to your ditchrider about it. See Our People for contact information. If it needs immediate attention to continue to operate during the season we will make the arrangements to have it repaired or otherwise managed, at least temporarily. If it can be managed until the off-season or requires more extensive work, the ditchrider will include it in the maintenance list that we review each year.